Make customer care effortless and customerexperiences seamless

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Manage every inquiry in one place。在短信、社交媒体、WhatsApp,即时聊天,nd apps—get a unified view of all of your customer service channels and never keep a message waiting.

Put customer data at your fingertips。Anticipate people’s needs and solve complex problems faster by integrating customer data from chatbots, CRMs, and agent interactions in a single dashboard.

Work smarter with reporting and intelligence.Seamlessly collect feedback, set customer service level targets, and distribute CSAT surveys to get immediate insight into what’s working and what isn’t.

Keep it personal, even at scaleCustomize bots and bring in automation to handle overflow and get context to your customers without overwhelming agents or keeping people in line.

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Find and resolve social support messages quicklyand efficiently

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Find all customer inquiriesby monitoring your social channels and mentions about your brand across global and regional networks.

Assign and tag posts automaticallyso messages reach the right person or team for a quick and efficient response.

Reply seamlesslywith pre-approved responses or integrating with your CRM and help desk solutions.

Track efficiencythrough the time and number of touches it takes to resolve inquiries—by individual, team, or region.

Respond quickly to customers using chatbotsand ensure messages requiring further assistance are seamlessly handed over to a human representative.

Do it with these Hootsuite products:

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Improve customer satisfaction through efficient collaboration

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Resolve issues fasterby setting up automated rules and keywords to triage incoming posts.

Avoid duplicate responsesby assigning messages to specific people or teams.

Improve customer satisfactionwith social customer service training and social media education for your reps.

Do it with these Hootsuite products:

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We saw very quickly that people really appreciated that a brand talked back, that we listened to our customers, we listened to their problems and we tried tohelp them.

Andreas Maurer Head of Corporate PR 1&1