2016 was an exceptional year for Nokia. It was all about integrating two powerful companies—Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia—into one combined operation that would become a new market leader. During this period of change, the social media team had to not only create a new combined social media strategy, but also prepare for the biggest event in the mobile tech calendar,Mobile World Congress






share of voice at the biggest event of the year

诺基亚is a global technology leader. From enabling infrastructure for 5G and the Internet of Things to creating emerging applications in digital health, Nokia serves communications service providers, governments, large enterprises, and consumers with the industry's most complete end-to-end portfolio of products, services,and licensing.


1 Delivering A Consistent


With over 100 global brand channels between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent, on over 10 different platforms, Nokia’s social team had to work fast to ensure they had the right tools, processes, and people in place forMobile World Congress(MWC17)从2月27日至2017年3月2日的巴塞罗那。


  • 定义整个公司的社交媒体策略和目标,起草社交媒体剧本,并建立新的工作方式
  • 将两个公司的100多个全球社交媒体渠道合并到一个一致的社交媒体存在
  • Plan and execute their social media strategy for MWC17


  • What is our social voice?
  • What is our common social objective?
  • How do we work together across the chosen channels?
  • What platform should we use?


PäiviKalske. 企业社会主管 诺基亚

他们怎么did it

2 Building The Optimum

Building the optimumsocial team


This was a key part of ensuring the company would communicate on social with a strong, consistent voice at MWC17 and beyond.

After a systematic analysis of different vendors, Nokia decided on Hootsuite for its versatile enterprise-strength features, dedicated and knowledgeable support team, and built-in brand protection capabilities.

With MWC17 approaching fast, the social team’s mission was to ensure they not only had the right tools, processes, and people in place, but also the ability to execute on their refreshed social strategy on the day—with just one dedicated social media person on the ground at the event.





在2016年国会,诺基亚在此次活动中位于五大社会影响因素。该团队在2017年的活动中甚至更好地做得更好 - 第一次执行他们刷新的社会战略的机会。

对于MWC17,诺基亚的社会内容必须达到和互动各种观众。该团队计划他们的策略,以确保他们得到正确的信息并谈论right topics

Using Hootsuite, they scheduled selected content in advance, focusing on three areas:
  • 通过提前宣布并在当天庆祝它们来利用他们的奖励
  • 提前宣传他们的发言人,使他们在活动之前,期间和之后的社交媒体上发光
  • 通过识别它们的每个演示中的关键消息并专注于切割噪音来展示他们的产品

We posted images of our Nokia speakers during their presentations with key quotes, so that their thought leadership lives longer on社交媒体。

PäiviKalske. 企业社会主管 诺基亚
4 Active Engagement

Active engagementthrough social

在会议上,诺基亚使用Hootsuite来监控人们在线实时在线在线并产生双向对话。他们还通过创建“发布演示” - 为每次演示的最值得注意的方面创造“发布演示”来增加参与 - 以削减噪音,并鼓励更多与他们的品牌互动。


现在,社交媒体团队正在邀请桌子 - 不仅仅是营销和通信,还被营销和传播,而且还销售和不同的商业集团领导团队。我们从推动中搬了拉。

PäiviKalske. 企业社会主管 诺基亚


诺基亚’s innovative use of social media helped them achieve outstanding results. They received nine million impressions and 48 thousand followers in five days—and became the most talked about brand at the conference, according toBrandwatch


However, this isn’t just a success story about one event. With the right tools and strategies firmly in place, Nokia has successfully integrated social across the organization since MWC17, including all business groups, innovation teams, and human resources.


Instead of having to push for inclusion in high-level meetings with other departments, the social team is now being invited to participate. This helps them to engage internally with important audiences who see that social can have a business impact. All of which should help Nokia take advantage of other social opportunities in future—from digital marketing transformation to employee advocacy—and enable the team to make an even bigger splash at Mobile World Congress 2018.

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